Chemical Free Cleaning – The Pros & Cons

Posted / November 22, 2019

In the current global situation, we’re all striving to be a bit more eco-friendly. People are trying to recycle more, buy local, go plastic free or eliminate chemicals from their home. There are many ways in which we are trying to better take care of the planet.

As a leading cleaning service provider, we are often asked about eco-friendly cleaning products. Do they work? Are they safer? Do they actually kill bacteria?

In this post, we thought we’d address some of those concerns.


Cleaning Product Safety

Pet owners, parents and conscientious home owners are often concerned about the safety aspect of using chemicals in the home. Conventional cleaning products often contain strong toxic ingredients such as ammonia, bleach and methyl chloride. Whilst these products are safe for using a cleaning agents, they are not safe when in contact with the skin.

Eco-friendly cleaning products often contain more natural ingredients. These include lactic acid, vinegar and citric acid. Whilst these are still quite abrasive, they are not poisonous or caustic.



Another major concern is that many of the ingredients in traditional cleaning products are not biodegradable. These chemicals are washed down the sink or poured away, which causes them to build up in the water table. Over time, these leaked chemicals can kill off wildlife and plants.

Natural and eco-friendly cleaning products are much kinder to the environment and are easily washed away.


Allergies from cleaning products

Smells such as ammonia and bleach are often very off-putting. In extreme cases, people with a sensitivity to chemical cleaning products may sneeze, cough or experience streaming eyes. Prolonged contact with cleaning products on the skin can also cause issues such as rashes, dry skin or allergic reactions. For those with eczema or asthma, this can be particularly problematic.

Eco-friendly products are much less likely to irritate allergies or skin conditions, unless someone is allergic to the specific ingredients.


Cost of eco-friendly cleaning products

One of the reasons that cleaning companies tend not to use eco-friendly products as standard, is the price. Unfortunately, eco-friendly cleaning product producers charge a premium for their products. This is mostly because they do not use mass produced chemicals.

In some cases, it’s better to make homemade cleaning products, rather than buy them. You can ask your cleaning operative to use your favourite homemade cleaning solutions, if you already have them.



A final concern is the effectiveness of eco-friendly products compared with cheaper chemicals. Essentially, eco-friendly cleaning products do require a little more elbow grease. It may be more difficult to keep a clean and eco-friendly home. You may need more frequent cleans as baked on stains and old marks are not so easily removed with eco-friendly products.


Are you looking to incorporate more chemical free cleaning procedures in your home? Try discussing your options with your cleaning operative. It may be possible to swap out particular products. Try new techniques or clean the home more often, to ensure a bacteria free environment without the chemical residue.

If you wish to change products due to an allergy or reaction, it is paramount that you communicate this with your cleaner as soon as possible.